Control Systems Lead and Deputy(s) Roles and Responsibilities

  • Java software to control the robot and driver station
  • Responsibility - design and development of robot and driver station software.  Training of control-systems students in Java, WPILib, sensors, user interface, and sensor/actuator interfacing.  Ensuring all CS students have a good learning experience.
  • Authority - all software design decisions (meeting requirements developed by Systems/Integration).  All user interface analysis and selection.  All control-systems  training.
  • Potential deputy roles:
    • autonomous navigation/behavior
    • driver station/telop control
    • machine vision/targeting/cameras
    • scouting app
    • specific mechanisms
  • IT
  • Duties:
    • Study best control systems practices of top teams
    • Develop/document standard software processes and resources
    • Manage team IT resources: wiki, cloud server(s), software version control
    • Fall:
      • training: Java, version control, testing, design patterns, WPILib, sensor interfacing and use, actuator interfacing and use, PID, user interface, autonomous navigation, machine vision, targeting/ballistics, user interface.
    • Build:
      • develop software schedule with milestones (subject to Project Manager)
      • design, code robot & driver station software with unit tests to meet schedule
      • implement scouting app (subject to Strategy Captain requirements)
    • Post-Build:
      • tag release and work with spare robot to enhance test and enhance software (add'l releases)
      • write technical documents for awards judging (subject to Operations Lead)
    • Competition:
      • study/record defects in field, prepare and test surgical fixes, deploy fixes subject to Game Captain approval.
  • Lead Mentor: Control Systems Lead Mentor
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