Game Captain Roles and Responsibilities

  • Rules expert, on field w/drive team, negotiates alliances
  • Responsibility - Expert on game rules, ensures robot meets rules, negotiates alliances during competition, ensures scouting is effective, works with Strategy Captain on field strategy, observe overall field and competing teams and guide drive team on game details.
  • Authority - Negotiates alliances, final decision on game play.
  • Duties:
    • Fall
      • study negotiation strategies of winning teams
      • study best game practices (human team) of winning teams
    • Build
      • study game rules
      • work with Strategy Lead/Captain on scouting application
    • Competition
      • negotiate alliances based on guidance from Strategy Lead/Captain
      • work with pit crew to ensure robot readiness
      • work with driver team to maximize strategy value
    • Backup for strategy lead/captain

Drive Lead - Roles and Responsibilities

  • Drive the robot at competition (these roles involve try-outs)
  • Responsibilities: drive robot effectively, execute on play strategy decided by Game and Strategy Captains, test and provide constructive feedback for Mech/Elec/CS teams including ideas for enhancements.  Work with CS team on user interface design.
  • Authority: final decision on user interface requirements, final decision on robot
  • Duties:
    • Study best driving practices of top teams (user interfaces, human team, etc.)
    • Fall (Off season competitions: Battle of Baltimore, IROC):
      • Driving practice w/prior year's robot
      • Work w/mech/elec/cs teams on enhancements/repairs for prior year's robot - constructive feedback
      • Drive and win in off-season competitions (BoB, IROC)
    • Build:
      • Work with mech/elec/cs teams and provide constructive feedback on drive-ability and potential enhancements for new robot
      • Practice driving competition robot
      • Work with Game Captain to identify/understand robot capabilities and feedback to strategy
    • Competition:
      • Drive and win!!!
      • Provide rapid and actionable feedback to Game/Mech/Elec/CS for repairs/enhancements in pit
      • Negotiate alliances with other teams (as directed by Game Captain)
      • Test fixes/enhancements made between events - provide guidance to Game Captain re. final acceptance of fixes/enhancements.
    • Post-competition:
      • Relax and bask in the glory.
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