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Software Team

Welcome to FRC Team 2537 the Space Raiders' software team wiki!

Robotics Public Google Drive Folder 2015-2016

If you want to add team events and meetings to your personal calendar, check out this page to find out how.


FIRST RoboRio? and WPILIBJ Libraries

ScreenStepsLive for FIRST

WPILIBJ API Javadocs NI RoboRio

Electronics & Hardware

First, complete the Arduino fundamentals track and the page on motors. After you're done with those, check out the Minibot Challenges page!

Account Management & Miscellaneous Resources


System Administration

Archived Team Pages

Build Season Resources

These are the 2015 build season teams. Teams have not yet been made for the 2015-2016 robotics season.

Space Raiders Recycle Rush Source Code (Ask Alex Taber for access!)