wiki: Week 10: Review Weeks 1-9, Introduce Robocode Project

Meeting Overview:

  1. Talked about Kickoff + reviewed last week's objectives (10min)
  2. Reviewed previous topics on Codeacademy (30min)
  3. Introduced Skill Pins + Robocode Project (5min)
  4. Gave them independent time to work on Robocode Project (until end of meet)


  • Video Recording: Recording
  • PPT/Resources used in Presentation: PPT
  • Notes/Script: N/A


  • Attendance: 40% (2/5)
  • Skill Pins Earned: Java 1 (Just earned: 1 person; total: 1/5)
  • Overall Rating: 4
    • (1= Garbage, 10= Absolutely Amazing)
    • Team leads: 4
    • Rookies: N/A
  • Pacing: 3
    • (1= too slow, 3= perfect, 5= too fast; from rookie's perspective)
  • Understanding of material: 3
    • (1= Nothing, 5= Understood everything; from rookie's perspective)
What went well What could be improved on
Team Leads Finished on time; Completed objective Prepare more, Have more topics/elaborate more
Rookies Liked building on their knowledge in Java; using Codeacademy Disliked learning about code for programming robots; wished the speed of info was more spread out (learned 3hrs worth of info in 20min); wanted more clarification on Robocode commands

Other Notes: Main team lead wasn't at the meet; went a bit messier than usual

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