wiki: Week 11: Electrical parts on the Robot + Ultrasonic Sensor Project

Meeting Overview:

  1. Intro to Electrical Parts (15 mins)
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor Project (75mins)



  • Attendance: 67% (2/3)
  • Skill Pins Earned: Handwork 1, Electrical Assembly 1 (1 person earned)
  • Overall Rating: 8.75
    • (1= Garbage, 10= Absolutely Amazing)
    • Team leads: 9
    • Rookies: 8.5
  • Pacing: 3.5
    • (1= too slow, 3= perfect, 5= too fast; from rookie's perspective)
  • Understanding of material: 4
    • (1= Nothing, 5= Understood everything; from rookie's perspective)
What went well What could be improved on
Team Leads A lot of participation; having cameras on worked well; also got started on Ultrasonic sensor project, got ultrasonic sensor circuit prototypes for electrical members working, and got new pinsIf had to redo meet, would add short review session at the end
Rookies Liked assembling Ultrasonic sensor and doing it in real lifeDisliked trying to find tiny resistor; wished it was more entertaining
  • *Note: Team leads thought this weeks meeting was the best out of all the other meetings
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