Award System

Goal: Improve participation by rewarding attendance and engagement

Pins & Certification

  • Symbols
    • Skill Pin - what skill you have
    • Rank Pin - what experience you have (based on skills pins collected)
    • Skill Level - how advanced is your skill
  • Set-Up
    • Each member receives a lanyard
    • Attach skill and rank pins to the lanyard
    • Mark which level of skill using a sharpie
    • More marks mean a higher level
  • Subteam Pins (*except for Operations)
    • Each subteam has 5 ranks*
    • To earn a rank, one must collect the respective skill pins
    • Start from the 1st rank and work up to the 5th rank*
    • Every member must earn the first rank of each subteam*
  • Fall Training with Subteam Pins
    • Track skills with virtual checklists
    • Track ranks with virtual certifications
    • Award pins at Kick-Off
  • Participation Points (PP)
    • Each skill is worth 5 Participation Points
    • Each rank is worth an additional 20 Participation Points


  • Each meeting is worth 1 Participation Point each for accurate TeamSnap availability and attendance
  • Each outreach event is worth 15 Participation Points
  • Each match scouted is worth an additional 5 Participation Points

Rewarding Participation

  • Collect the most Participation Points
  • Top Three in each grade and subteam
    • Special Gifts (Ex. wireless headset)
  • Biggest Gainers each day
    • Personal Thank-You’s at Stand-Ups
    • Drive Time with the bot at the next meeting

Recognition Pins

These pins have special Participation Points allocations

Name Description Award
Love Safety Member of safety team50 Participation Points
Safety Pin
Savior Fixing a mechanism right before a match5 Participation Points
Hero Pin
Fred Is Fred at a competition for 1+ hours10 Participation Points per hour
Fred Pin
Volunteer Volunteering at a FIRST event20 Participation Points per event
Volunteer Pin
Field Support Help make field pieces10 Participation Points
Field Support Pin
Mentor For MentoringTeam Love

Leadership Pins

Books of Pins

How to Use

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