Update your roboRIO

The roboRIO is a full, headless (no screen or keyboard) linux computer and runs lots of software in addition to the code you write to drive your robot. For example, there is a very useful web server that provides access to the roboRIO and connected devices and lets you test them. To extend this web server to include support for the CTRE/CAN-connected devices, launch the CTRE Hero Lifeboat Imager, choose the FRC roboRio tab, and press the Install Phoenix/Web?-based Config button.

Updating roboRIO firmware and formatting with new image.

Use the FRC roboRIO Imaging Tool Connect to roboRIO using USB cable Make sure both the firmware is up to date and the roborio is formatted with the latest file. In 2019 the image file came with the entire NIUpdateSuite.

Once they are updated make sure all network setting are correct.

Check Radio (wifi router) settings Use web browser to go to: Login: Admin There is no password for the admin account.

Go to Setup->Wireless settings Pre-Shared Key: password (all lowercase)

Go to Setup->LAN settings IPv4 address: Network Mask :

Go to Advanced->DHCP server Enable DHCP Server checkbox should be checked DHCP IP Address Range: to 199 Default Subnet Mask:

Check roboRIO settings

Use web browser to go to: if you can’t connect, use a USB cable Use the Windows CMD terminal to check the IP address used by the USB cable. Use the command ipconfig, you should see an address that is something like or Use that address to connect to the roboRIO via the browser.

Hostname: roboRIO-2537-FRC IP Address: DNS name: roboRIO-2537-FRC.local

Ethernet Adapter Settings Configure IPv4 address: static IPv4 address: Subnet mask: Gateway:

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