Teaching students should pre-certified before first meeting Start by reading this. There will be a quiz on Canvas so read carefully.

General safety training(all students): death by powerpoint Individual machine certification lessons- each tool/machine as a station w/ pre-certified student

  • V. Bandsaw
  • H. Bandsaw
  • Drill Press
  • Sander
  • Scrollsaw
  • Handtools?


  • demonstration of tool, with test questions in mind.
  • Allow people to ask questions about things
  • test on computer

*Safety Glasses* why we wear 'em

  • Stress use constantly, to point of annoyance

-Specifically in shop, at comp(in the pits), on carpet

-distribute personal safety glasses to mech students, to be kept in shop

*need rack to store glasses

Consequences -verbal warning for basically everything -extremely unsafe behavior results in exit from shop

-requiring excessive warnings -deliberate violation

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