Mentors: Danko Nebesh

Students: Nick Merke (CS/Electrical), Jacob Na, Kobi Fouts, Thomas Morris, Shyam Pillai

The existing battery cart is large and extremely heavy; it can only be moved using a towed trailer. The project is to create a new battery cart based on a hand truck that can easily be transported in an SUV or mini-van. The requirements include:

  • bays for up to 8 batteries
  • strap/latch mechanism to keep batteries in place during transport
  • chargers built in
  • protected wiring and safety features
  • storage for battery beak (battery tester)?
  • storage for battery safety gear?
  • spiffy decorations? LED strips? Team logo/colors?

By the end of the meeting on November 14th, I expect the shelving to be done, and to be finishing up with the holes for the wires in the divider.

This project is expected to be functional by the end of the meeting on November 15th but may take up one more meeting to decorate.

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