Mentors: Max Wu, Dave Akin

Students: Duncan Welch (Mech), Geo Lim (Mech)

The team purchased a peanut chassis and built it last year including the drive-base and a minimal control system, however it needs more work to be useful:

  • The wheels don't all touch the ground at the same time...this is the perfect opportunity to explore suspension and create a solution that could be used on all peanut bots and gain experience with suspension for use on competition robots.
  • The peanut suspension design needs to be completed quickly so it can be used on the other peanut projects.
  • The robot lacks camera(s), sensors, and a mechanism to make it do anything useful.

This project connects research about the complex topic of a suspension drive to the design and eventual creation of one. Students will learn about and build suspension systems including the peanut suspension and (if time permits) a larger suspension drive base with an aluminum drive plate to allow a mechanism to be mounted, and it is possible that this robot will eventually become one of our outreach bots. This project is open to returning students only as it requires skills taught during rookie training.

Things to consider:

  • FRC rules: COTS gas-filled (pneumatic) shocks (dampers) are legal, but oil-filled shocks are not.

Some sample robot suspension systems:

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