Leadership requires trust. Trust can't be demanded, it must be earned.

  • Early in the season, meet with each of the student leaders individually and take 10-15 minutes to get to know them. You should know their names, their grades, where they are from, who their friends are on the team, what interests them in robotics, what they want to study in college, what activities/sports they like to do outside of robotics, etc. Take the time to get to know each of the student leaders as a person; share a little of appropriate information about yourself too: where you work, who your kids are and what they like, what you studied in college, what sports/activities you liked at their age and what you like now. Show them how to start developing a relationship because this is what they need to do with their team members. Let them know that you care about them as people and are here to help them learn and have fun. Let them know that if they have questions or problems during the season, they can always talk to you about them and you will make time to listen. Do this with the mentors too. Lead by example.
  • Throughout the season, spend a few minutes with each student leader individually to ask them how it's going for them, if there are any challenges they'd like to discuss, ask about what's worked well for them so far and what hasn't. Do this with the mentors too.
  • Follow up with meeting(s) early in the season, but after the goals and priorities discussions:
    • Review the urgent vs. important. matrix
    • Note that activities around relationships are important but usually not urgent.
    • Discuss the importance of getting to know your team-mates and building relationships with them
    • Discuss the fact that these are the activities you must consciously make time for because they are not pulling at you for attention but are critical for success.
    • Ask the leaders to think back to when they were rookies and how interaction with leaders made them feel.
    • Discuss the emotional bank account
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