Meet to provide an overview of the concepts of interdependence including:

  • Summarize and review Independence (habits 1-3) vs. Interdependence (habits 4-6)
  • Focus on the interactions between team members:
    • Hidden Agendas (and how they damage trust and affect goals and priorities)
    • Defending/loyalty to the Absent (and how it builds trust)
    • Respecting everyone's role and the importance of avoiding words and ideas like "key", "subordinate", etc.
    • Emphasize that leadership is a service role. Leaders are there to facilitate and encourage, not to dictate.
    • Discuss how the habits of interdependence are all about building relationships and the trust that makes teams effective and successful.

Habit 4 (think win-win or no deal):

Start with an email asking them to review:

Follow up with a meeting:

  • Zero-sum vs. abundance mentality and how it affects relationships/trust (and it's relation to thinking win-win or no deal)
  • The difference between win-win and compromise
  • Review examples of cases where you have used win-win or no deal

An example from my own experience: a neighbor was upset with another neighbor for having a car up on blocks for an extended period and asked what legal options they could use to force them to get rid of it. This is an example of zero-sum thinking: I get my way or he gets his way; someone wins, someone loses. Better approach: seek first to understand: why is the car up on blocks? No money to fix? Injured and can't fix, Consider a win-win or no deal approach:

  • You noticed their car has been out of commission, would they like help fixing it?
  • If car is dead, take up a collection from other neighbors who would like it gone...10 neighbors *$25 each = $250 for the car? Purchase and donate it to a charity (many will take a junk car)
  • Discuss the importance of making this a habit - it's something you have to force yourself to do until it becomes habit.
  • Ask students to think about cases where they've used zero-sum thinking and how they might have approached it as win-win

Send students an email asking them to prepare for a discussion on habit 5 (seeking first to understand, then be understood).

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