Students tend to be very focused inward and often struggle to empathize; they rarely recognize that others (students, parents, mentors) struggle too. They feel that they are alone in their own struggles and are often rough (very rough) with each other. That roughness and those feelings of being alone in their struggles isolate and create barriers to trust and building relationships. It is critical to help break down those barriers so they can build empathy, trust, and relationships with each other.

Start with an email:

Dear student leaders, Our next meeting will continue to focus on building relationships and trust. Please watch this video on paradigms; some of it is a little hokey and the production values aren't always high, but it is only 8 minutes and it is very important, please stick with it.

Paradigms Video

We will discuss it at the next meeting.

Follow up with a meeting:

  • Who watched the video?
  • What was the message?
  • How did the video make you feel?
  • How many of you face significant challenges or hardships in your personal or family life? (show of hands - nearly all will go up)
  • Emphasize that nearly all of the students on the team are struggling and need friends and support.
  • Discuss the importance of being gentle with each other
  • Review the emotional bank account
  • Every week, take the time to recognize the good work each student has done with specific praise
  • It's better to be kind than to be right.
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