This page shows some good examples of letters sent by the team for various purposes.

Sponsor Thank You 1:


Thank you so much for your sponsorship of the Atholton Space RAIDers FIRST Robotics team. Your sponsorship helpS ensure that our large team has another successful year. Last year we won a major award at every competition and this year we hope to do even better. We thank you for your support, and will work to keep you informed. All of our sponsors are invaluable, and a necessary part of our success. Our team is proud to call you our sponsor.

(Student Name), (Student Year) Business Lead, Atholton Space RAIDers FRC 2537

Sponsor Thank You 2:

Dear (Company),

Team 2537 would like to thank your company for its continued support of the Space RAIDers. Team 2537 is incredible fortunate to have sponsors like Leidos who have consistently supported the Space RAIDers on their mission. This money will help enable the Space RAIDers to further expand projects like the team’s fall training initiative. Through this initiative the members of team 2537 are taught the skills they will need for the build season as well as in their future careers. Additionally, this will enable the Space RAIDers to continue to spread the spirit of engineering and inovation throughout the “space” of the community. Finally, team 2537 is, as always, only able to provide the hands on experience in engineering, programming, teamwork,and design that it does due to sponsors like you.


Team 2537, the Space RAIDers

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