Drivetrains This is a drivetrain. A drivetrain is a mechanical subsystem which allows movement around a space. Essentially, it is the frame of a robot, along with the wheels, motors, and any chains or transmissions that contribute to motion. When talking about drivetrains, there is drivetrain terminology that is often used and generally understood. There are many different types of drivetrains; the one most often used by this team is tank drive, meaning the left side wheels are controlled by one motor and the right side wheels are controlled by another. As seen in the image, the front four wheels are controlled by two motors, one left side motor controlling the left wheels (which have a chain linking them), and the right side motor doing the same on the right. The back two wheels are not connected to a motor, so they are not driven, they just provide support.

For an extensive power point about drivetrains (feel free to ctrl+find a word or phrase if you are looking for specific information) click here.

Team History of Drivetrains:

  • 2020 - Octocanum
  • 2019 - West Coast
  • 2018 - Tank Drive
  • 2017 - Tank Drive
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