2017 Mechanical Training

2017 mechanical training will include lessons on important subjects such as CAD and fabrication, opportunities to become comfortable with the tools, and three main projects: the kicker project, the suspension project, and peanut bot assembly (see: Fall Training Projects for more detail). Access to the training materials is available on the Google Drive, and it is intended to be available so that if a member misses a lesson or is specifically interested in one particular subject, they can explore the mech 2017 training materials at their own pace. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the senior mechanical students including: Jacob Welch, Billy Bott, or Heather Farnan, or ask the creator of the document/folder of interest on the drive.

  • Fasteners Training
    • Point of Contact: Jacob Welch
      • Fasteners training involves important lessons in the best way to assemble/attach materials. Different fasteners are most optimal for different materials and different purposes, and the fasteners training will help you figure out which fasteners to use when. See this document for more information.
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