We handle certain payments such as buses and shirts through PayPal?. To set this up you need to be an admin both on PayPal? and our Google Apps account. Students can do the website part but should not have a PayPal? admin account.

First, log in to PayPal? and go to Tools -> PayPal? buttons. Create a button for each item you are selling. The interface for making buttons changes so see documentation here: In general, it is best to go with "Add to Cart" instead of "Buy Now" buttons so that we only get charged the flat transaction fee once for people who are paying for multiple things. Remember to also use a "View Cart" button for this. You can do all sorts of stuff with this such as having a size dropdown with different prices for each size. You can try to have a text box for names but you can't require an entry so some people will ignore it. That means you will have to match the email for each payment with the corresponding person.

If you are only using a single "Buy Now" button you can just use the email link. Otherwise, you will need to set up a web page to put the buttons on. Because our current website software does not allow that type of HTML input, we put it on a Google Sites page.

Log in to with your email address. This will only work if you have admin access for our sites. Click on "Space RAIDers Store" or create a new page. If the interface has not changed (Google switches it up really often), click on the pencil icon to edit the page. Insert -> HTML Box and paste in the HTML code for one button. Do this for each button. The layout is really finicky so I recommend just putting each button next to each other in a line. When you are done, click Save.

An email will be sent to the finances@… listserv every time a payment is received. Recent payments are also displayed on the first page when you log in to PayPal?.

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