wiki:Setting Up Git

This page describes how to set up Git for Java training. When the competition comes, instructions will be updated

Git is relatively simple to setup, given that Eclipse comes with Git. You just need to add our repository!

  1. Open up Eclipse.
  2. Go to Window > Open Perspective > Other...
  3. Select "git"
  4. Select "Clone a git repository"
  5. At this point, a window should pop up asking for a number of fields. Put the following values in:
    Username: srgu2537
    Password: hcpss123
  6. Select 'Next,' then 'finish.'
  7. Finally, right click on the new repo and select import projects
  8. Making sure "Import existing Eclipse projects" is checked, press next then finish.

You're done!

Git usage instructions

For the training, right click on the repo, select switch branches, and create a new branch named your name. Then, create packages based off the naming scheme [yourname].[projectname]. Once you're done, switch back to the master branch and merge your branch in.

When merging, make sure you select "If a fast forward, create a merge commit."

Remember the order of things:

  1. Make your changes to the code
  2. Commit your code to your local branch
  3. Push your local branch to the server
  4. When ready for review, merge your local branch with master
  5. Ask Alex to push master to the server

Accessing your code from home

  1. Follow the above instructions to add the git repo and then import the project
  2. Right click on the project in the Git perspective, then select 'Switch to,' 'Other.'
  3. Select your branch in the window that comes up.
  4. Select "Checkout as a local branch"

Stronghold repo instructions

User: srgu2537
Password: hcpss123

Read the contributing guide on how to contribute if you need information.

Ask Alex if you have any questions.

Here's the link to the git web interface:

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