How to set up wifi on pi zero

  • Wifi Headless Setup (also: Wifi on Pi official instructions)
    • Set up with fixed ip, no DHCP
    • SSID: team2537_cs
    • wifi password: shsbc41558
  • Turn off power saving on pi zero for wifi dongle
  • Change pi's hostname, reboot
  • sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon (to use hostname.local with zero configuation) mDNS setup
  • Reboot. When you power up, wait about a minute for the pi's network connection to establish.
  • Provision PI address on router in DCHP reservation. You should see the pi in the pulldown as a selectable server.
  • You should be able to reach the router by hostname.local at this point.
  • NOTE: You can make many of these these edits from another machine by inserting the Pi Zero’s MicroSD memory card and editing the files directly

TODO: See if we can use DHCP without router reservation on Pi if we use avahi mDNS.

Old Stuff

Configuring WIFI on Pi Zero

  • Set up wifi on the Pi Zero'
  • Follow the instructions on the following web page to set up wifi on the Pi Zero:
  • NOTE: You can make these edits from another Linux system by inserting the Pi Zero’s MicroSD memory card. This will allow you to go straight to configuring the Pi Zero for wifi without having to get the SSH-over-USB configured.
  • NOTE: You will need the SSID and associated password for the WIFI network to which the Pi Zero will be connecting. It is also helpful to have access to the WIFI router admin page to verify when the Pi Zero connects and what IP Address is assigned by DHCP. Static IP configuration should be possible, but I was not successful in my attempts to get it working.
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