• The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
    • It's often possible to purchase a 'lot' of the books on eBay for a nominal price and distribute it to the student leaders
    • Teach each habit in one or more 15-minute training sessions (one session per team meeting). The trainer should be very familiar with the habits; if you are not, ask around, some mentors will be.
    • Habit 1: Be Proactive - discussion with examples of being proactive
    • Habit 2: Begin with the End In Mind (develop goals)
      • Use consensus approach.
      • Leads meet with each team member individually and ask them to propose goals (leads should not propose goals and ask the other students' opinions about them). 80% of the suggested goals will be the same and the students will feel much more committed to goals they have suggested themselves.
      • Goals can start high level but must be developed until they are actionable (someone else can understand the goal and if you were absent, take your place and lead the team the same way).
    • Habit 3: Put First Things First (prioritize)
      • Understand the importance vs. urgency of each goal, prioritize them, and focus on them in priority order.
      • Discuss the visual metaphor of placing rocks of various size in a bottle (bottle gets filled if you put the big rocks in first, then the little rocks, then pour in the sand)
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