Strategy Captain Roles and Responsibilities

  • Scouting, overall strategy planning, studying/selecting alliances w/game captain
  • Responsibility - Expert on game rules, works with technical leads on initial design, guides drive team on high-level game strategy, guides field/pit on practice field requirements
  • Authority - Final decision on game strategy, Final decision on alliance selections
  • Duties:
    • Fall:
      • Study strategies used by winning teams and identify common elements
    • Build:
      • Study game rules
      • Work with technical leads to determine game strategy
      • Work with CS team on scouting application
      • Organize, train scouting team
    • Competition:
      • Deploy scouting team
      • Study teams before/during competition and determine alliances
      • Provide timely guidance to Game Captain for alliances
  • Backup for Game Captain
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