Drive Team

The exact nature of the drive team varies based on the game. Typically, there are at least:

  • Robot driver - the student that controls the robot drivetrain
  • Robot mechanism controller - a second student that operates the robot mechanisms
  • Human player(s) - who play a game dependent role

Skills/Attributes? required:

  • Situational awareness
  • Skill and speed at driving/manipulating
  • Ability to remain cool under pressure
  • Ability to handle the criticism (fair or unfair) that invariably comes with driving
  • Be able to gracefully accept mistakes (yours or others')
  • Be supportive of each other, win or lose.
  • Availability: practice is critical
  • Ability to provide gracious constructive feedback to design, fabrication, and pit teams
  • Ability to take direction from Game Lead during play
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