Quality Control Lead

The primary function of the Quality Control position is to encourage all members of the team to consider reliability in addition to functionality in their designs and work. When teams are rushing through the build season, they will be reminded to pause and focus on how well the work is being done and whether it is likely to survive the rigors of competition. This is not the chief inspector, but the person that helps create an appreciation for the importance of quality work and a reminder to also view the work from that perspective.


  • Supports the design, build, and control teams
  • Consulting for ways to make designs more robust and reliable
  • Encouraging control board and wiring
    • To be protected
    • Installed in a way so it's easier to find and repair loose connections
    • Working with control systems to assure they have a consistent protocol
  • Creates build season checklists for quality checks and inspection
    • Allows each subteam to conduct their own periodic quality checks
    • Provides support and explanation of process
  • Creates pit inspection checklists
    • Arrival at competition check
    • Pre-match check
    • Post-match check
    • Post-repair or modification check
  • Organizes between competition days inspection: physical and functional
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