2537 is a very large team and must maintain a huge and expensive inventory of equipment and parts.

The quartermaster is responsible for:

  • Team meetings:
    • Initial setup of equipment (closet opening, organization of materials in shop)
    • Cleanup at end of meeting (tracking time required, adjusting/improving process)
  • Tracking equipment that leaves the school (students or mentors taking equipment home)
  • Working with Pit Lead to track what goes to and comes back from competition
  • Organizing storage (closet, outdoor container, etc.)
    • Everything labeled and contained
    • Notify lead mentors of students or mentors are chronically destroying order
  • Ensure school storage rules are followed
    • Clear access to fuse panel
    • Clear access to alarm panel
    • Doors accessible and can be opened (e.g. nothing leaning on the roll-up door)
  • Purchasing
    • Identifying and maintaining list of preferred vendors on wiki
    • Finding best sources and prices for commonly used materials
    • Planning purchases in advance when possible and can lower costs
    • Aggregating purchase requests from students and submitting to lead/purchasing mentor
    • Tracking costs of robot materials purchased
  • Developing and refining processes to improve purchasing and storage
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