Scouting Lead

FRC games are fast and complex; after initial matches, qualifying teams must form alliances with other teams as they enter the quarter, semi, and final matches. To determine which teams will make good alliance, good intelligence is needed about each teams strengths and weaknesses. This data is usually gathered by scouts who watch the other teams' matches and record relevant statistics.

The scouting lead is not (necessarily) the same as the Scouting App Lead who is responsible for developing the scouting application software and system.


  • Work with Scouting App, Game, and Strategy Leads to define a useful and usable scouting application and process
  • Training the scouting teams
  • Organizing the scouts into rotations (so all students can enjoy the competition)
  • Timely collection of the scouting data and providing it to the Game, Strategy Leads and Event Captain
  • Working with the Game, Strategy, and Scouting App Leads to refine the App and process as needed
  • Notifying mentors if Scouts are not performing their duties
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