Team Structure 2016-2017 Season

The team itself is broadly split into three teams:

  • mechanical,
  • control systems, and
  • operations.

The leads can be split into 2 categories: "systemic" or "departmental". The "systemic" leads are the Team Captain, Strategy Captain, Systems/Integration Captain, and the Project Manager. The "departmental" leads include the subteam leads and the subsystem leads.

Special Comments

Team Captain - inter-team coordination, ensuring overall team effectiveness

Responsibility: overall team effectiveness, ensure all teams interact smoothly/resolves conflicts, team building/esprit de corps, pre/post-season training/skills development, development of team processes, backup for all other Captains.

Authority: final decision on conflicts between captains/sub-teams, Final decision on team processes and organization,

Duties: in cooperation with other captains/leads

  • Study best practices of top teams
  • Outreach to other teams
  • Coordinate other captains and sub-teams
  • Develop/enhance, socialize, and document team processes and shared vision
  • Inter/Intra team building to maximize effectiveness
  • Maximize value of fall and post-season training
  • Backstop all captains

Project Manager (PM) - planning, scheduling, running build-season

Responsibility: overall technical project execution (i.e. construction of the robot): finish robot on schedule with best possible results, track award/application due dates and ensure technical support is provided.

Authority: all technical and systems leads are directly responsible to the Project Manager including reporting status at least weekly, flagging concerns, meeting schedule milestones, and working with PM to resolve schedule and risk issues.

Duties: work with systems and technical leads to develop project schedule w/suitable software such as ProjectLibre

  • Identifies project milestones and dependencies
  • Update/track schedule throughout the build season
  • Identify and mitigate risks as early as possible
  • Keep leads and rest of team informed of schedule

Systems/Integration Captain - how everything fits together, interface specification, test plans/execution

Responsibility: ensures all sub-systems will interface and work together effectively, functional and design requirements. Arbitrates (not dictates) design decisions between sub-teams when needed (e.g. sensor locations, selections, etc.)

Authority: final decision over all interactions between subsystems

Duties: work with technical leads to ensure sub-systems work together

  • Space allocation
  • Power budget
  • Weight budget
  • Cost budget
  • Bill of materials management
  • Hardware/Sensor/Software interfaces

Strategy Captain/Lead - on field w/drive team, negotiates alliances, scouting, overall strategy planning

Responsibility: ensures that the team can deliver an effective strategy at competitions

Authority: at competitions, final decision over game strategy and changes to the state of the robot

Operations Lead and Deputy(s)

Software/Control Systems Lead and Deputy

Electrical Lead and Deputy

Mechanical Lead and Deputy - mechanical design of the robot, coordination of build efforts


Mechanical Subsystem/Component Leads and Deputies

Field/Pit/Safety Lead

Drive Team Lead and Deputies

Responsibility: control the robot while on the competition field

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