Much of the Fall (September-December) is spent on training: building the skills we will use during build season. Training is divided into Overview Training (for all students/mentors) and Advanced Training (more specialized training for students on a sub-team such as control systems or mechanical or operations).

The purpose of overview training is to help everyone understand what 2537 does as a team and how it does it. After overview training, students should understand what a robot is, how it is built, how the team operates to build it, and the basic skills used. Overview Training should:

  • Be on the team wiki (if you don't have access, please let me know asap) - NOT on the Google Drive
  • Provide the big picture (e.g. how the robot works or how funds are raised)
  • Help new students and mentors understand in detail what each subteam does
  • Be fun and light-hearted (dad-jokes are allowed)
  • Be hands-on as much as possible (include exercises)
  • Be self-paced (many students don't attend every meeting)
  • Use/link to as much existing online material as possible (don't re-invent the wheel)

Overview training should not:

  • Cause death by power-point
  • Teach detailed skills (soldering, crimping, Java, milling)
  • Focus excessively on theory (math/physics/etc.) or requires skills/knowledge a freshman might not have
  • Take more than 2-3 meetings per discipline (electrical, software, mech, ops, etc.)

Please don't re-invent the wheel! For almost any topic, there are already existing excellent training materials that you can link to (see Training Resources below). A template for developing training materials is here. Some past examples of self-paced online lessons are here

An outline/template for new student/mentor training is here

You can get fancy with wiki pages if you know html; you can embed most html tags in wiki pages, see here for info.


  • Fritzing diagrams are great for showing how electronic circuits are wired without needing to understand schematics.
  • youtube has video tutorials on virtually any topic

Training Resources

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