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Drive was tested on the main bot with SVN version 101 and was shown that the wheels respond to input from the joysticks, the dead-zones works,and we showed that the triggers are properly used as buttons in the code.

The integration between claw, drive, and lifter branch project was also tested on version 125 on the test board and ran without error(armDriveClaw project).

Lifter was also tested on SVN version 102 and it was shown that the lifter was capable of manually moving up and down with the a and y button on the Xbox controller.

Serial communications were also tested on version 125 and merged with the trunk code successfully.

2/11/15 (Main Bot):

The Drive-Train functionality from the zodiac trunk SVN versions 142,150,and 151 was tested and it was shown that everything but the triggers worked in all builds, and the triggers were broken due to an unrelated port problem in claw that made it appear for them to not work, but in reality, the code for the triggers worked perfectly after the port problem was resolved in svn version 151, unfortunately we could not get to working with the encoder at this point as there was none on the bot itself.

The claw was tested in Zodiac trunk svn version 150 and 151, and though only one piston worked at first, the issue was due to a port problem and was quickly resolved though a software port change in SVN version 151, nothing was done with any type of sensors or calibration work though as there were no sensors attached

The lifter was tested in zodiac trunk version 142,150, and 151, and in every version, the lifter demonstrated the ability to rise and fall in response to the Xbox controller in every version, in a side-note, the effectiveness of the hard stops was shown when we accidentally went over the height limit and the hard stops prevented us from going any higher, no calibration for sensors and no communication with sensors went on though, as sensors were not attached to the bot.

Nothing with sensors or serial communication was conducted though, as there were no sensors attached to the bot at all.

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