wiki: Week 10: Voltage Regulators, Motors, Review Metrics Sheet

Meeting Overview:

  • Training PPT + Tinkercad demonstrations (throughout)
  1. One of team leads teaches/explains (30min)
  2. Students tinker w/ motors + VRS via Tinkercad (30min)
  3. Q&A time (30min)



  • Attendance: 67% (2/3)
  • Skill Pins Earned: N/A
  • Overall Rating:
    • (1= Garbage, 10= Absolutely Amazing)
    • Team leads: 7
  • Pacing: 2.5
    • (1= too slow, 3= perfect, 5= too fast)
  • Understanding of material: 3
    • (1= Nothing, 5= Understood everything)
What went well What could be improved on
Team Leads Got through all material; explained each concept/component very well and provided examples; mentor present to field questions, provided further explanations, + connected what was being taught to build season + things they do at workEngage + ensure understanding of rookies (they only participate via chat and rarely at that); Future suggestions: ask more clarifying questions to make sure rookies are present + comfortable w/ material; when mentor is present, urge rookies to ask questions; turn on cameras, so rookies are more comfortable in doing the same
Rookies Liked talking about regulator + experimenting in tinkercadWished it was more fun
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