Other Programming Topics

Java Interfacing

Robots operate real world and must be able to sense their environment and manipulate it. If you want to learn more about using Java to interact with real devices at home, but can't afford to buy a roboRIO consider buying an inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer and using it. The ZebraZero platform and exercises help you learn to use Java to interface with sensors and control motors; try the Zebra Zero Training

Python Programming

Programing Languages are like tools; a screwdriver isn't better than a hammer, you just use them for different things. While 2537 doesn't use Python (and it isn't widely used for FRC programming), it's a popular language that can be very effective for certain problems; if you want to learn more, try our Intro To Programming (in python)

BXD Synthesis

  • Load code (jar file) from build/libs folder
  • Logitech F310 controller right hand joystick Y is getRawAxis(4)

Future Planning

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