Setting Up Your Computer for FRC Java Programming

1. Install Java SE 8

Make sure the correct version of Java SE 8 is installed. You will need the JDK (Java Software Development Kit); the current version is JDK 8u101.

The installation can be found on Oracle's site. Make sure to accept the license agreement, or it won't let you download.

2. Install Git (if not already installed on your PC)

3. Install Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSC)

4. Installing CAN Talon stuff

Some of the intelligent FRC peripherals communicate with the roboRIO over a local CAN network. These peripherals have their own microprocessors and require installation of additional software from the manufacturer (Cross The Road Electronics).

  • Download and install the Phoenix Installer from here

Legacy (pre-2018) FRC development used the Eclipse IDE and you needed to install the CTRE libraries differently:

1. Install the Talon SRX libraries:

2. Creating a FRC Java Project

  1. In Eclipse, right-click in the open space in the Package Explorer and select New >, and then inside the sub-menu that pops up, select Project.... Selecting Java Project... will not work.
  2. Under WPILib Robot Java Development, select Robot Java Project.
  3. After clicking next, if creating a FRC Java Project for the first time, there will be a prompt for team number. Enter
  4. In the next screen, specify a unique, identifiable project name, preferably one that will not be confused with other, similar projects. Enter in a new, custom package hierarchy or leave the default.
  5. Choose a project template:
    1. Iterative - cyclic program execution; your code is repeated every 20 ms
    2. Command-Based - event-driven program execution
    3. Simple - DO NOT USE
  6. Click Finish.
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