Snow Emergency Plan

In case of snow for a weekend/non-school day meeting, these are the team's procedures for inclement weather.

7:30am | Check school closing.

Call the Weekend/Holiday Closing Hotline for HCPSS: (410) 313-6827

Reinforce school closing or confirm school opening.

Send a TeamSnap alert:

Hi SpaceRAIDers,

Schools are closed today, so we are not meeting at Atholton, but we are looking at meeting at other off-site locations. Stay tuned for details. Another alert will be sent out by 8:10am.

Team 2537 Leadership

Hi SpaceRAIDers,

Schools are open <day>, so we will be meeting at Atholton today. As always, safety is the first priority, so come out if you feel safe and comfortable to do so.

Team 2537 Leadership

Sent by:

7:35 |
7:40 |
7:45 |
7:50 |

Alternative Plans

Contact Mr. Albert about off-site locations.

Person in Charge: <insert name>

Call, text, or email Mr. Albert at david@… or (301) 728-0718.

Contact those who have offered up homes and basements.

Person in Charge: <insert name>

These are the students and mentors who have opened up their homes:

name contact info
name contact info

8:00am | Make final decision for meeting at off-site locations.

Once the decision is made, location will not change for that day, excepting severe/adverse conditions.

Send out TeamSnap alert:

Hey SpaceRAIDers,

As you know, schools are closed. As a team, we have reached a decision that <decision>. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any of the captains or leads.

Team 2537 Leadership

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8:05 |
8:10 |

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