Like everything else in 2020, software training for robotics has gone virtual!

When you can't build, program, and battle real robots, the next best things are virtual battle bots. This training makes extensive use of a virtual battle-bot simulator/environment developed by IBM called RoboCode. The robots are programmed in a popular language called Java which is also used in real-world FRC robotics. This training will introduce you to Java and then help you build your skills by programming virtual robots and battling them in the RoboCode arena. As you learn more Java, you can grow your robo mojo by programming increasingly complex robots and battling them against automated trainer bots. As your skills advance you can test them by battling your teammates' bots or even entering scrimmages or international competitions.


Java Gym

To get good at programming robots, you need to workout in the Java Gym. Here you can find many excellent online Java tutorials with lots of exercises; check out the following and use the one you like:

The more Java you learn, the better your robots will be. Spend enough time working out in the Java Gym and you'll become a RoboCode Master.

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