The RoboCode Battle Arena

Choose the bots to battle

  • Run RoboCode and choose Battle->New
  • Choose a pre-built robot from one of the packages and click Add->
  • Select and add at least one additional robot
  • Click Start Battle
  • By default, the robots will fight 10 rounds
  • During the battle you can click on Pause/Debug, Stop, or Restart

RoboCode comes with a number of packages each with a set of robots. The robots have pre-programmed behaviors ranging from very simple to quite advanced. The Java program that drives each robot is provided and you can read it to learn how to make increasingly sophisticated robots. You can also use these pre-programmed robot to test your own robot designs. See if you can make your robot beat the pre-programmed trainers!

Advanced battle settings

  • Before starting the battle, select the Rules tab
  • Here you can change the number of rounds to battle, arena size, etc.

RoboCode Battle

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