To address the high cost of FRC training platforms (the lowest cost fully FRC-compatible bot costs at least $1500), team 2537 has started developing a low cost training solution (aka MiniBot) that allows small, safe, inexpensive robots to be built that are still suitable for robotics training in Java using advanced capabilities such as machine vision and navigation. This is an ongoing project that is not yet ready for prime time.

Setup and Installation

PiBots connect via WiFi to your laptop or smartphone:

  • Program a uSD card with the PiBot Image using Win32DiskImager. The PiBot Image contains the complete Raspbian (linux) OS, pre-configured for remote GUI access via VNC, with all of the ancillary packages and libraries required to make coding for the PiBot easy. A sample application is included.
  • Install and boot the uSD card in the Raspberry Pi
  • Connect to the WiFi hotspot created by the Pi using your PC or smartphone
  • Install the RealVNC Viewer on your laptop or phone
  • If you are using a windows laptop, install Bonjour
  • Use the VNC Viewer app to access the Raspberry Pi (linux) desktop
  • Connect the PiBotZero to the various sensors and motors or motor controllers needed to make your robot do its thing

Using VNC Viewer on your laptop, you can access the remote graphical linux desktop on the raspberry pi, from there, you can run programs which drive your robot using GUI controls like buttons, joysticks, sliders, etc. You can also download new programs from your PC or even develop code directly on the Raspberry Pi.


Sensors and other Components

Coding for the Mini Bot

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