Team Structure 2017-2018 Season

A faculty advisor has overall responsibility for the team.

The Tech Boosters are parent volunteers responsible for team funding and accounting.

Team 2537 is a student-led team with students taking on virtually all of the tasks needed to make the team run.

The team is organized into three large sub-teams:

  • Control Systems - the electrical and software aspects of the robot
  • Mechanical - fabrication of the robot mechanisms and drivetrain
  • Operations - the business of robotics: marketing, fundraising, outreach, awards, videography

Students start as rookies and train to take on increasing levels of responsibility, eventually leading activities and projects.

Leadership roles are generally held by juniors and seniors; they are a privilege and are focused on serving the team. Student leaders are expected to model the gracious professionalism that is the hallmark of FIRST participants. Leadership is about taking on responsibility and leading by example; leaders are expected to be the most dedicated and hardest working students on the team.

Part of a leaders role is to nurture the next generation of leaders; by the end of the season, a new leader must be fully trained and ready to take on the role for the next season.

The team has many leadership roles and students can take on multiple roles as long as they don't conflict.

Adult mentors and volunteers provide guidance and support for the students

Legacy Structure

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